[tw for transmisogynistic slur]

Today someone asked me what I think of the event called “Hey tranny, it’s tranny” occuring during Seattle Pride.  Here’s what I had to say

For me, it’s a lot less about the word being a “bad” word or someone being bad for using it as much as it is about being conscious and thinking through the consequences and outcomes for the community. I hadn’t heard of Hey Tranny, It’s Tranny, until you pointed me to it.  I don’t want to make any snap judgments, but knowing the community here, my guess is the reason why the title is tolerated has more to do with how the concerns of trans women are not taken seriously in the Seattle queer and trans community rather than because of any kind of evolution toward it being a non-issue.  Ultimately, I’d expect that the vast majority of trans women will avoid the event because of title - as well as many allies to trans women.  It bothers me that the organizers, who either know or should know that will be the outcome, chose that outcome anyway.  In many spaces, I take that as an indication that the support to or even awareness of trans women’s issues will be minimal and that any trans women who do go would have a strong chance of experiencing some inappropriate behavior or statements.

Many events here fail to create inclusive space for trans women.  In some cases, trans women literally are turned away at the front door, in others they encourage a hostile environment, but probably the majority of queer spaces intend no disrespect while also doing nothing to dismantle the hostile environment that already exists throughout the community.  Using the term tranny flippantly or without great care does not cause this problem, but it is often an indicator of where the problem might be worse.